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觀眾在觀影過程中達到快感,以精神分析的詞彙來說明,是mirror stage和Narcissism,mirror stage在心理學上指的是嬰兒如何產生ego的過程,嬰兒沒有自我的概念,因此感受到完整的感覺,且嬰兒的四肢遲鈍不靈活,但他卻發現鏡中的自己四肢靈活,鏡中的自己比起現實中的自己完美許多,於是將鏡中的自己當作是真實的自己,也因此產生了自我與疏離感,嬰兒在認同自我的過程中其實是誤認,因為鏡中的自己不是現實的自己,其實鏡子是一種譬喻,鏡子象徵別人對自我的眼光,人透過他人的眼光來建構自我。觀眾也是如此,觀眾在認同電影中的角色時,藉由認同電影中的角色來建構自我,尤其是男性觀眾,男性在觀影過程中認同男主角的位置,男觀眾也和男主角一樣欲求女主角,希望女性成為自我想像的樣子,男觀眾同時也希望自己像男主角一樣具有魅力,在觀影過程中,觀眾建構了自我的意識,也建構了女性的形象。







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    The audience achieve a sense of spinny euphoria and this is based on psycho-analysis definitions: the concept of Mirror state and Narcissism. In Psychology, mirror stage is the process of how a baby acquires his ego, he doesn't have a concept of self but has a feeling of completeness. Although the baby's limbs may not be functioning as coherently, he seems himself moving very freely from the mirror and indirectly implies that the person is the mirror is more perfect than himself and seek to believe that is himself. During this process, it creates self-ego and isolation because the baby misunderstand his true self - the mirro is only a metaphor. The mirror symbolises how other's perceive ourselves and how we build on our self through their lens of definition. This is the same with audience. When the audience aligns himself with the main character, he also aspires to formulate himself as the main character. The male audience also desire female character and wish that she would be how he imagined it to be. The male audience is also aspire to be as attractive as those main characters and so through the movie, the audience have established self-consciousness and awareness as well as the perception of the role of women.

    Women can be a source of anxiety to men, using the explanation of castration. Because women do not have phallus, men are afraid of becoming like that and choose to seek comfort from their father instead. During the process of movie-watching, male audience have tried to satisfy their desires while running away from their anxiety through two aspects of interpreting the female role: one is to punish female, especially for Black movies, the male audience seek to find undermine women to fulfill their personal zest.

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    On the other hand, they bow down to women, also know as Fetishism, where the male audienece seeks to fin the existance of phallus in female through their shoes, long hair or something that will replace the missing existence of phallus to indirectly remove the anxiety from being castrated.

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