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    Splitting the word "nanometer", "meter" is a lenth measurement unit and "nano" (denoted as n) is a numerical symbol like the commonly used kilo (denoted as k). The difference is that k represents one thousand, whereas n stands for ten to the power of minus 9 (one in a billion). Thus, nanometer is a length unit, representing a unit in a meter that is fractioned for a billion times. By this definition, the so-called "nanoscience" is the phenomena observed in nano units by scientists. Based on those observed, a theory is deduced. Therefore "nanotechnology" is the science and technology based on nano unit measurements.

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  • Tear open two words in Nano, "rice" means"meter", "Nai"("nano" is indicated with the n) is a kind of number mark, and our in common use"kilo"(indicate with the k) is same alike.Just the k represents 1,000, and the n represent ten of take nine powers(1/1,000,000,000).Therefore"Nano" is a kind of length unit, what to point is 1/1,000,000,000 meter.Hope a text to get righteousness, so-called"Nano science" is scientist Nano dimensions next prognosticate of natural phenomena, induce to develop of science theories;And"Nano science and technology" is under Nano dimensions of science technique.