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As Legend Has It The legend of King Arthur provides another story of the construction of Stonehenge. It is told by the twelfth century writer, Geoffrey of Monmouth, in his History of the Kings of Britain that Merlin brought the stones to the Salisbury Plain from Ireland. Sometime in the fifth century, there had been a massacre of 300 British noblemen by the treacherous Saxon leader, Hengest. Geoffrey tells us that the high king, Aurelius Ambrosius, wanted to create a fitting memorial to the slain men. Merlin suggested an expedition to Ireland for the purpose of transplanting the Giant's Ring stone circle to Britain. According to Geoffrey of Monmouth, the stones of the Giant's Ring were originally brought from Africa to Ireland by giants (who else but giants could handle the job?).


The stones were located on "Mount Killaraus" and were used as a site for performing rituals and for healing.

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Led by King Uther and Merlin, the expedition arrived at the spot in Ireland. The Britons, none of whom were giants, apparently, were unsuccessful in their attempts to move the great stones.

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At this point, Merlin realized that only his magic arts would turn the trick. So, they were dismantled and shipped back to Britain where they were set up (see illus. at right) as they had been before, in a great circle, around the mass grave of the murdered noblemen.

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The story goes on to tell that Aurelius, Uther and Arthur's successor, Constantine were also buried there in their time*.

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Present Day Stonehenge Situated in a vast plain, surrounded by hundreds of round barrows, or burial mounds, the Stonehenge site is truly impressive, and all the more so, the closer you approach.

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It is a place where much human effort was expended for a purpose we can only guess at. Some people see it as a place steeped in magic and mystery, some as a place where their imaginations of the past can be fired and others hold it to be a sacred place.

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But whatever viewpoint is brought to it and whatever its original purpose was, it should be treated as the ancients treated it, as a place of honor .

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The modern age has not been altogether kind to Stonehenge, despite the lip service it pays to the preservation of heritage sites.

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There is a major highway running no more than 100 yards away from the stones, and a commercial circus has sprung up around it, complete with parking lots, gift shops and ice cream stands.

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The organization, English Heritage, is committed to righting these wrongs, and in the coming years, we may get to see Stonehenge in the setting for which it was originally created.

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Despite all its dilapidation and the encroachment of the modern world, Stonehenge, today, is an awe-inspiring sight, and no travel itinerary around Britain should omit it.

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    因為傳說有它亞瑟國王的傳說提供巨石林的工程的另一個故事。 在他的英國隼帶石頭去來自愛爾蘭的索爾斯堡平原了的國王的歷史中,它被第十二的世紀作家,蒙茅斯的杰弗里告訴。 在五的世紀內某一個時間,由叛逆撒克遜的領袖已經有 300 的大屠殺英國 noblemen, Hengest。 杰弗里告訴我們高國王,羅馬皇帝兼斯多葛派哲學家 Ambrosius,想要創造對被殺的男人一份適宜的紀念物。 隼為了移植到英國的巨人的戒指石頭圓圈向愛爾蘭意味著一次遠征。 依照蒙茅斯的杰弗里,巨人的戒指的石頭本來被巨人從非洲帶到愛爾蘭了(別的但是巨人可以處理工作?)。

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    石頭為表演的儀式位於 " 山 Killaraus" 之上而且被當作一個位置使用和因為治癒。

    由 Uther 國王和隼引導,遠征在愛爾蘭達成了地點。 英國人,沒有人誰是巨人,顯然地,在他們的嘗試方面是不成功的移動很棒的石頭。

    此時,隼了解不過他的魔術藝術將會轉詭計。 因此,他們被拆除而且運送回到他們被建立的英國了(見到 illus。 在權利)當做他們以前,在一個很

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    因為傳說有它亞瑟國王的傳說提供巨石林的工程的另一個故事。 在他的英國隼帶石頭去來自愛爾蘭的索爾斯堡平原了的國王的歷史中,它被第十二的世紀作家,蒙茅斯的杰弗里告訴。 在五的世紀內某一個時間,由叛逆撒克遜的領袖,Hengest 已經有 300 的大屠殺英國 noblemen 。 杰弗里告訴我們高國王,羅馬皇帝兼斯多葛派哲學家 Ambrosius,想要創造對 slai 的一份適宜的紀念物 石頭為表演的儀式位於 " 山 Killaraus" 之上而且被當作一個位置使用和因為治癒。 由 Uther 國王和隼引導,遠征在愛爾蘭達成了地點。 英國人,沒有人誰是巨人,顯然地,在他們的嘗試方面是不成功的移動很棒的石頭。 此時,隼了解不過他的魔術藝術將會轉詭計。 因此,他們被拆除而且運送回到他們被建立的英國了(見到 illus。 在權利)當做他們以前,在一個很棒的圓圈中,在被謀殺的 noblemen 的大眾墓穴的周圍。故事繼續告訴羅馬皇帝兼斯多葛派哲學家、 Uther 和亞瑟接班人,君士坦丁也在他們的時間內在那裡被埋葬*. 位於被數以百計的圓的搬運架或埋葬土墩包圍的一片巨大的平原的現今巨石林,巨石林位置真正令人印象深刻,和更加如此,那比較親近的你接近。 它是一個地方在哪裡多人類的努力為一個目的被花費我們只能猜測在。 當一個地方在魔術和秘密方面浸的時候,一些人見到它,一些當做一個地方在哪裡他們的過去的想像能被點燃,而且其他者支撐它是一個神聖的地方。 但是無論觀點被帶給它什麼,而且無論它的最初目的是什麼,當遠古者對待了它,當做一個榮譽的地方時候,它應該被對待。現代的年齡對巨石林還不全部親切,儘管口頭上的應酬話,它對遺產位置的保存支付。 有一條主要的公路跑距石頭有不超過 100 碼之遠,而且商業的馬戲團已經在它周圍跳起來,藉由停車場,賦予商店和冰淇淋臺子。 組織,英國遺產,答應錯誤權利這些,而且在即將來臨的數年內,我們可能開始在它本來被創造的背景中看巨石林。 不在乎它所有的荒廢和現代世界的侵佔,巨石林,今天,是令人敬畏的視力,和沒有在英國周圍的旅行旅程應該省略它。

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