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醫療文獻 翻譯 ....急用...


The present study is the second systematic review in which all conservative treatments have been taken into account. Marshall et al. performed a systematic review considering only local steroid injection while O’connor et al. focused on non-surgical treatment other than local steroids. On the other hand, only one of the previous four reviews considers all conservative forms of therapies and their efficacy, although this is limited to the year 2000, thus inevitably confining their research to only 14 articles. In our review we were able to analyse a greater number of articles, which allowed us to reach more confident results.

From the reported data we can conclude the following:(1) Locally injected steroids produce a significant improvement,even if this is temporary (strong evidence, level 1). (2)In terms of oral treatments, vitamin B6 is ineffective (moderate evidence, level 2) whereas NSAIDs and diuretics are effective (limited evidence, level 3). Steroids are effective at both low and high doses, though they may give side-effects (strong evidence, level 1). (3) Among physical treatments there are conflicting evidences (level 3) concerning the efficacy of laser and ultrasound therapy in carpal tunnel syndrome treatment (we should bear in mind, however, that the available studies are not comparable in terms of physical parameters, patient numbers and duration of therapy). (4) Exercise therapy is not effective (limited evidence, level 3).(5)Two studies show the efficacy of yoga posture versus splint and the inefficacy of the botulinum toxin B injection versus placebo respectively (limited evidence, level 3).(6) Splints are effective, especially if used full-time (moderate evidence, level 2).

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    目前的研究是全部保守的處理方法已經被考慮到的第2 篇有系統的回顧。 馬歇爾以及其他人。 執行只考慮到本地類固醇注射的一篇有系統的回顧。 集中于除了本地類固醇以外其他非外科的治療。 另一方面, 只有以前的4 篇回顧之一考慮治療和他們的效力的全部保守的形式, 這局限于2000年雖然,因此不可避免把他們的研究限制在只14項條款。 在我們的回顧裡我們能分析許多文章,這允許我們達到更自信的結果。



    (2)就口頭的處理方法而言, 維生素B6 是無效的(適度的證據,第2步)而非類固醇性消炎鎮痛藥和利尿藥是有效的(限制的證據,第3步)。 雖然他們可能產生副作用(強壯的證據,層1),但是類固醇在低和高的劑量有效。

    (3)在那裡的物理治療中正在腕管綜合症治療方面抵觸關於鐳射和超音波治療的效力的證據(層3) (我們應該記住,不過,可得到的研究就治療的身體的參數,病患數目和持續而言不可比較)。


    (5)兩項研究分別表現瑜珈姿勢與夾板和肉毒桿菌毒素B注射與安慰劑的無效力的效力(限制證據, 第3步)。

    (6)夾板有效, 特別是如果被全職使用(適度的證據,第2步)。



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