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tony 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前

english qustion about music

in ur own words explain why some people believe that music should be an important part of the school curriculum. use at least 100 words

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    In today's society where the music program is losing its stance in the educational curriculum, it is wise to know why music education is important. For this reason, I have given great consideration to how music has improved my life and why I should pass on my knowledge to others.

    First, music is history. When you listen to a classical piece, you hear exactly what others heard during the time in which it was written. By studying the different periods of music beginning with its earliest form and progressing to today, you can also see the development of the human mind. For many, reading a history lesson full of facts can be over-whelming, but by relating the lesson to a piece of music, a connection has been made between something which is current and the past history.

    Music is an aesthetic art. It involves perception, expression, imagination, and emotional reaction. Through this art, one can perceive and react to objects and events in life for their artistic properties. Music is different from the other art forms in that it is a sound that creates the aesthetic experience rather than a drawing or words. It is unique in education because as a discipline it involves three domains of learning: the cognitive, the affective, and the psychomotor. Music is present in all cultures and it records the emotional and historical aspects of living in that society.

    Finally, music is the common language of the world. It a language made up of notes, lines, rests, and other symbols of music. Once you know and understand these symbols, you can play music from all parts of the world without understanding a word of the language. What other entity can so many people around the world experience and share?

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    come on, this is not that hard to work on. At least give this topic a try and maybe we can peer edit it for you later.

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