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逸群英文 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前


1. stick (v.) 刺;插,insert也是動詞叫做「刺;插」,這兩個單字有什麼差別呀?請不要用奇摩字典的解釋,拜託。

2. influence、effect、affect等都有「影響」的意思,怎麼用,有何差別?

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  • 1 0 年前

    1. stick (v.) 刺;插,insert也是動詞叫做「刺;插」,這兩個單字有什麼差別呀?

    回答:stick 是用尖銳物刺入或插入 insert是單純放入

    (1) stick (v.) 刺;插 push something pointed into/ through (以尖物插入、刺、貫穿等) Ex: stick the fork into the potato 把叉子插入馬鈴薯

    stick a needle in my arm 在我手臂打一針

    (2) insert (v.) 插入 If you insert an object into something, you put the object inside it. (把東西放進去或插入) Ex: insert a key into a lock 把鑰匙插入鎖中

    insert an ad in a newspaper 將廣告插刊於報上

    2. influence、effect、affect等都有「影響」的意思,怎麼用,有何差別?

    (1)influence (n.) 影響;感化;有影響的人或事等 The power that someone or something has to affect people’s behaviors or decisions (主要指影響人的行為或決定)

    Ex: He had a bad influence on the children. 他對小孩有不好的影響。

    Ex: Heredity and environment are influences on character. 遺傳和環境是影響性格的因素。

    influence (V.) 影響;對~有作用

    Ex: I don’t want him to influence me on the choice. 我不希望他影響我的選擇。

    (2)affect (v.) 影響 have an influence or impression on; act on (指受影響而有了改變)

    Ex: The climate affected his health, injured it. 氣候影響了他的健康。

    Ex: The rise in the price of bread will affect us all. 麵包售價上漲影響了我們大家。

    (3)effect (n.) 結果;效果 An effect is a change or event which occurs because something else has happened. (一件事的發生影響了另一件事情)

    Ex: Punishment had very little effect on him. 懲罰對他沒什麼效果(影響)。

    Ex: Parents worry about the effect of music on their children’s behavior. 父母擔心音樂對小孩行為產生的影響。


    參考資料: Oxford Dictionary, Collins Cobuild Dictionary
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