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    Hotel Check-In

    Charles Nelson: Hi, I have a reservation for tonight.

    Hotel clerk: What is your name please?

    Charles Nelson: It is Nelson. Charles Nelson

    Hotel clerk: Okay, Mr. Nelson. Ok, it is a room for 5....

    Charles Nelson: Excuse me, you have a room for $5? I did not know there is a special was so good.

    Hotel clerk: No no according to the record, there is a room for 5 guests was booked on your name.

    Charles Nelson: No no hold on, there must be some mistakes.

    Hotel clerk: Okay, let me check this again. Charles C Nelson for tonight.

    Charles Nelson: Ah...there is the problem. My name is Charles Nelson, not Charles C Nelson. You must have two guests have the same name.

    Hotel clerk: Ok, let me check this again. Oh, okay, here we are...Charles Nelson...a room for the 19th.

    Charles Nelson: Wait wait, it is for tonight, not for tomorrow night.

    Hotel clerk: hmmm...hmmm, I do nott think we have any rooms for tonight. There is a convention going on in town, and let me see...yeah no room!

    Charles Nelson: Ah...come on, you must have something, anything!

    Hotel clerk: Well, let me check the computer here. Ah...

    Charles Nelson: What?

    Hotel clerk: There has been a cancellation tonight. We have a honeymoon suite is now available.

    Charles Nelson: Great! I will take it.

    Hotel clerk: But I have to charge you $250 for the night.

    Charles Nelson: Oh man, I should get discount for the inconvenience.

    Hotel clerk: Well, the best I can give you is 10% plus a ticket for a free continental breakfast.

    Charles Nelson: Hey, the breakfast is free anyway.

    Hotel clerk: Well, only on weekends.

    Charles Nelson: I want to talk to the manager.

    Hotel clerk: Wait wait wait... Mr. Nelson. I think I can give you an additional 15% discount and I will throw you a free room when you next time visit us.

    Charles Nelson: That would be a long time.

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  • River
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    1 0 年前

    1. 請簽名!Please sign your name here, sir (ma'am).

    Ans: Here you are.

    ※註:禮貌上要加 sir 先生,ma'am 夫人(尊稱)

    2. 跟您借看一下護照?May I see your passport, please?

    Ans: Here it is.

    3.電梯在這個走廊直走到底,然後左轉。The elevator is down the hall to the left.

    Ans: Thanks.

    4.您的房間在14樓 Your room is on the fourteenth floor, sir (ma'am).

    Ans: OK! Thanks!

    5.請寫上您的聯絡電話 Please fill in your phone number here.

    Ans: No problem.

    ※註:fill in 填寫

    6.請問有事先訂房嗎? Do you have a reservation, sir (ma'am) ?

    Ans: Yes, I do.

    7.請問付款方式為何? How would you like to pay, sir (ma'am) ?

    Ans: By credit card.

    參考資料: River + teacher
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