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請大大幫幫我~~謝 總覺得念起來好不通順也很吃力!!QQ

I must introduce this movie is PS I LOVE YOU

You believed the eternal does not extinguish love ?

This is about the love with the hope story No matter your several years old Once falls in love with a person Can have loses spouse's fear

Dutch Li is a beautiful intelligent woman, married for her lifetime love ── enthusiasm, charming impulse Jerry becomes everybody to express admiration rightly .However, the life is variable, because Jerry sickness suddenly passes suddenly, Dutch Li who loses the love, lived has also lost the center of gravity….

In fact, nobody compared to Jerry understood Dutch Li, by other was the human who everything all had to plan first, how could in light of this let go to go?

The first news is in the Dutch Li 30th birthday same days, receives a mystical cake suddenly, stems from her beside to anticipate is, a cake enclosed volume Jerry beforehand pre-record good recording tape, also crossed soon, she has one after another received the letter which more outstanding Switzerland write, moreover time all is with the method which takes by surprise mails, each time all brings the brand-new risk for her, in each letter also all signs: P.S.I love 妳.

Accompanies under the Jerry sound urge words guidance, Dutch Li have launched a section touching, travel of the stimulation laughter unceasing again exploration.The discussion marriage, the friendship, how as well as do a section of firm love after the death picture under the rests, transform the life brand-new start.


可以在幫我弄成大約 20句~我要默背!!內容在口語化點!!


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    I have replaced the sentences with similar meanings:

    The movie I’m about to introduce is “ P.S. I LOVE YOU.”

    Do you believe in the eternal love which won’t

    extinguish with time passing by?

    It’s the love story with great hope that leads her life

    moving on even though her beloved spouse has left

    her because of illness.

    Dutch Li is a beautiful and intelligent woman married to a charming man named Jerry. The tragedy has come upon when Jerry was

    taken away with illness and Dutch suddenly lost the center of her world.

    In fact, nobody knew more about Dutch than Jerry did.

    Actually, Jerry has prepared everything ahead.

    The first news appears on the day of Dutch’s 30th birthday,

    when she received a mystical cake, which it enclosed

    a pre-record tape that Jerry has prepared beforehand.

    Glad to help!


    2008-05-06 22:16:03 補充:

    This movie mainly discussed about marriage, friendship, and the firm love

    even after the death of the beloved.

    These contests all depict the unceasing pursuit of meaningful life

    and symbolize a brand-new start waiting ahead.

    參考資料: Grace TA's brain, Grace TA
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