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求英文文章 有關Chinese new year的




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    不知道可不可以獲得你的青睞呢? 呵呵 ^^

    ├The Chinese New Year┤

    In our country men and women, boys and girls, all like to have a Happy New Year. It is a time for rest and refreshment. Business is suspended for a time; young fellows lay aside their books and give themselves up to merriment and joy. Each family has its members gathered together. Father and mother, brothers and sisters sit side by and have their talk and feast. Friends call on one another. Public spaces are crowded with all classes of people. Multitudes of others take tours to many other noted places. Children indulge themselves in games, as cricket, kite flying, and many others. Is it not a delightful time for for our country fellows?

    When you take a walk in the street, you can see many rich and beautiful decorations. Every family has its new scrolls on the doors. Lanterns are hunging in the front doors of shops, some of them are adorned with coloured satin in clusters and strips. Every one, even to the poorest class is dressed in fine clothes. Automobiles and motor-ears are seen here and there, for all of them are on their way for Happy New Year's call on their friends and relatives. When friends meet on the way you would hear them say to each other, "Kung Hsi(恭喜), Kung Hsi." It is same as we say "A Happy New Year" in English. The Chinese New Year lasts about a fortnight yet it gives our country men sufficient recreation. After the period they resume their respective works with their acute and vigorous mind.

    →→→要是有些單字看不懂的話 可以跟我說

    我在為你多做詳解 ^^

    1.refreshment 休養

    2.suspend 暫停 娛樂

    4.棒球戲 cricket

    5.放風箏 kite flying

    6.裝飾 decorations

    7.卷軸 scroll

    8.燈 lanterns

    9.成串 clusters

    10.摩托車 motor-ears

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    §過節的氣氛-festive atmosphere


    §放鞭炮-set(let) off firecrackers


    §紅包-red envelope


    §春聯-Spring couplet

    §中國生肖-Chinese zodiac

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    cricket 是板球吧,只有英國及印度、澳洲等被英國殖民過的國家才玩

    第二段第三行末之"poorest class"的寫法不太好吧,會讓人有階級意識的感覺,可以寫成 People will put on their finest clothes.