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寫信給房東討價還價 英文









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    Dear Mr. xxx,

    I am writing to discuss the new leasing contract that you mailed to me on xxx (date). In the letter, you indicated that the new rent increased to $$$$ which is more than 10% what I am paying for right now. I am sorry to inform you that this 10% increasing is hard to accept.

    When I signed up the leasing contract with you last year, you mentioned the increasing would be 4% although it doesn't write down on the contract. Therefore, I want to know if you can just take 4% increasing as you mentiond last year instead of 10% increasing.

    It is a nice place to stay, and you are always nice to the residents. I am very happy to be able to live here. Therefore, I sincerely hope you can re-consider the increasing and we can make the new lease work out.

    Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hear from you soon.

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    Dear Mr. Landlord:

    I know due to the bad economy, everything went up, especially gas. However, my salary did not go up, your 10% rent raise is just too much for me to handle.

    I have been a very responsible tenant, I pay my rent on time and I always keep my place spotless, please cut me a slack(放我ㄧ馬) in this hard situation. I would accept a 4% raise, no more than that, please let me know if it is OK with you. And in the mean time, I will continue to be a responsible tenant, pay my rent on time and keep my place clean.



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    Anne 和 Laokoko 都寫的不錯!



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    贊成lLaokoko, 哀兵必勝, 可穿插 Anne 的一些道理. 美國同情弱者, 希望你的韓裔房東受到美國文化影響, 少漲一些, good luck !

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    I rent in New York FLUSHING son, the landlord is a Korean, about 60-year-old man, a psychiatrist. Because the lease to expire (early July to his), he recently wrote a letter to me told me that I was up to rent, Rate of price increases is the original 10% of rent. I discussed with many of my friends, that he rose too much, I do not want to move out, So wrote a letter to bargain. Basis for our American friends told that the landlord is legal in the United States can not arbitrarily rush for tenants, Unless I have the default happen. Now the worry is that I do not know how to write this letter, let him know my position is to accept the 4% (Last year verbal contract when he told me, and did not write the lease on his office last month to discuss with him when the lease RENEW I have mentioned)


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    You should talk to him in person.

    10% is too high 沒有寫在租約上, just do not pay him that 10%.

    If you would like I go with you to renew your contract.

    Email me and I will give you my cell #

    I live in NYC

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    I don't have software to type Chinese, but I read and speak Chinese very well!

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