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    Advantages of Blood Donation

    1. It benefit our health. Most importantly, it helps to save the lives of the

    sick and the injured. It also helps in accelerating blood metabolism. As new

    blood is rich in oxygen, it makes us feel alert and not so easily tired. Oxygen is

    very important to us. One of its function is to eliminate bacteria in our body. It

    also helps in treating various disease, eg. diabetes and high blood pressure, etc.

    2. Appropriate amount of blood donated make us feel healthier and prolong our

    life. Regular donars receives new blood replacement better than a person who

    do not donate blood. Results has shown that people who donate blood regularly

    live longer. It also promotes clear thinking, make us alert, healthy and longevity.

    3. Blood donating can purify our soul : Blood donors give blood to prolong and

    save other lives. They find comfort and solace spiritually and make their own

    lives more fulfilling.

    4. Blood changes every four months in our body. Instead of letting blood

    replace by itself, donating it is more meaningful. We can donate blood four times

    a year. The result of blood donation far exceeds automatic blood replenishment.

    Moreover, a free blood test is conducted each time blood donation takes place.

    Therefore, we get to receive first hand news on our health issue.

    5. All you need to do is be prepared to be pricked by a needle. The pain is

    bearable.....but the people who waits for a blood transfusion feels the pain

    100 times more than you.

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    Advantage of donating blood

    1.Helpful one's own health, the more important thing is that the persons who can help to injure patients save the life, can also help to accelerate the blood metabolism of the body . And new blood high in oxygen, so spirit will be very fine, it is difficult to be tired. The oxygen is very important to us, but a function among them of it, but can dispel bacteria , treat a variety of disease too, diabetes for instance , have blood pressure ,etc.

    2.Is it can make people to be healthy to donate blood in right amount , longevity insist people that donate blood in right amount for a long time, the proportion of the fresh blood cell is obviously higher than the person not donating the blood . The investigation result indicates that the age is relatively long too that more persons of total amount survive to donate blood. Insist on the more sober and healthier , longevity that head will of person that donates blood in right amount for a long time.

    3.Donating blood can purify people's soul : The free blood donor is by donating blood and extending, saving others' life one's own, make soul get consolation, enable substantiating further in life.

    4.Blood of human body every four months will change one, instead of let it oneself metabolism, not so good as donating out. We can donate blood four one year, result that donate blood must than make it to be automatic metabolism a lot kind. In addition, donate blood each time, the doctors will all help you to have a blood test free, is it assorted to if have? The disease, they will let you know at once .

    5.You only need quilt acupuncture, ache and leave ...But it is 100 times more than you but the person needing blood in the hospital ache.

    參考資料: 個人親自翻譯!!
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