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薄煎餅日(Pancake Day)的真正名字是懺悔禮拜二(Shrove Tuesday)。這一天其實是基督教會在基督受難日前40天的“封齋期”開始前的最後一天。封齋期內一些虔誠的教徒會定期“守齋”,紀念耶穌基督的死。為此,在古代,人們會在懺悔禮拜二把家中的“美味”食物清除或用罄。由於以前雞蛋和糖、黃油都屬於較為難得的“佳味”,因此,人們會利用這些原料製成薄煎餅享用,後來成為了英國的一個傳統。


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    Pancake Day (Pancake Day) is the real name of repentance Tuesday (Shrove Tuesday). This day is the Church of Christ in The Passion of the Christ 40 days before the "Lent" before the start of the last day. Lent period of some devout Catholics regularly "fasting", to commemorate Jesus Christ;s death. To this end, in ancient times, people will repent Tuesday in Bajia the "delicious" food remove or used up. As previously eggs and sugar, butter are all the more rare "good taste" and therefore, people will use these raw materials made of thin pancake enjoy, and later became a British tradition.

    Thin pancake that, in fact, there are many in this regard eating culture. The pancake is generally thin pancake, but if the production is fine, but relatively thin and called on the point of crêpe. Eat the thin pancakes, are painted with ordinary syrup, more sophisticated also painted maple syrup. However, some people like David sprinkling of lemon juice and sugar. More luxurious first crêpe into a hot orange juice and cognac in a while before the tasting.

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