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    Our group thinks the Southwest Airlines and FAA should not only be imposed the penalty but also introspect themselves. In order to save operation expenses, although the Southwest Airlines found the fractures on the aircraft, they did not halt for departure and repair it. While FAA management levels were aware of the flaw of safety check, they did not address the problem, but acquiesced this conduct. Consumers lost confidence in Southwest Airlines. Following are the suggestions from our group:

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    #001的翻譯 ==> but is not the fine is good....根本不符文法,在英文上看來也沒有任何意義, 完全看不懂在說什麼...


    參考資料: Claudia自己的大腦,保證絕沒有用翻譯軟體!
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    錯誤百出 我可以確定001是翻譯軟體翻出來的

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    Our group thought that the southwest aviation and FAA should probably examine well, but is not the fine is good, for southwest aviation save expenses, even if discovered that some airplanes have the fissure also not to have the aircraft grounding to carry on the service; The FAA managers after knowing in the southwest aviation security check the free time fault, not only did not report to the authorities, and tacitly consented to that such behavior, how does want the consumer to feel relieved 撘 rides this family Airline, the following is we this group of suggestions:

    參考資料: 自己
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