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  • 小君
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    99 entered the Institute of Electrical Engineering (00 by the motor for reform), attending classes during the Masters, all carefully put the papers in professional, in addition also DSP technology, VLSI design, power electronics, such courses in efforts to delve into , That a considerable number of harvest and experience; research paper entitled "Motor vehicles and two-way controller test platform design and production of" vector control laws are developed brushless DC-speed controller and build an automated testing system And the use of renewable brake principle, the kinetic energy into electrical energy, rechargeable battery to store, to enhance efficiency in the use of batteries. During the Institute of East yuan in the company to learn the step-step motor drive technology, I have benefited a lot.

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  • 1 0 年前

    Enter research institute electrical engineering group 1999 (reform system the electrical machinery one year), pursueing the master degree in class period, the whole heart is put into the speciality of the thesis, in addition design in DSP technology , VLSI , study intensively hard in electric electronics , these courses, feel that there are quite a lot of harvest and gains; The research topic of the thesis is ' the two-way controller of electronic motorcycle and design and making of the test platform '; Control the rule and develop the speed controller without direct current pasting up machine and build and construct a test system of automation with the vector quantity , and utilize the principle that regeneration brake , change the kinetic energy into the electric energy , fill and store back to the battery, in order to improve battery service efficiency. Drive technology in the little step of stepper motor that yuan are that company study of the east during the research institute, make me benefit a lot too.

    參考資料: DR.EYE
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