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The Beatles 這個風靡全球的樂團,主要的四位成員如下:主唱及節奏吉他手─約翰‧藍儂(John Lennon)、主唱及貝斯手─保羅‧麥卡尼(Paul Mccartney),這兩人是最佳的創作搭擋,披頭四大多數的歌曲是他們所寫的、主吉他手─喬治‧哈里遜(George Harrison),也具有相當的才華,以及鼓手─林哥‧史達(Ringo Starr),個性比較穩重的他,無形中便成為樂團穩定的元素。

披頭四合唱團(The Beatles)於1957年成軍,1963年從德國紅回英國又攻進美國,他們的單曲、專輯張張大賣,成為家喻戶曉的世界級人物 ,於1966年披頭四宣布不再舉行演唱會,因為歌迷的狂熱已到了危險失控的地步。


從1970年披頭四解散距離今已有三十年之久,其間雖沒有新作品問世,但仍然不斷有精選輯發行,這些專輯也一直都有不錯的成績,其中最為人樂道的是在1995年發行的真跡紀念輯系列 (Anthology),專輯還未上市就造成歌迷大排長龍,後來這套專輯也順利地成為冠軍專輯,還造成了第一張冠軍專輯和最新冠軍專輯相隔最久的紀錄,其間相差了32年。


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    The Beatles, the band which became a fad all over the world.

    There were four main members as follows:

    John Lennon---- both vocalist and guitarist

    Paul Mccartney---- bothe vocalist and bassist

    These two were flawless partners, most of the band songs were wrote by them.

    George Harrison---- the guitarist, is also very talented.

    Ringo Starr---- the drummer, he became the calm power of the band because of his mature characteristic.

    The Beatles was established in 1957.

    In 1957, they were famous through Germany, England and America.

    Their singles and albums were all best-selling, they became a household name. But in 1966 The Beatles acclaimed that they would not hold concerts anymore because of the crazy behaviors of their fans had lost control.

    "The land under heaven tends to divide after a long period of unification." The Beatles was no exception.

    In 1970, because of the difference thinking in the art, fiance and dreams, there ware many clashes between the members. Beatles was officially disbanded. Each one of the band continued their own performance, at the same time, the rumer saying they were going to restructed the band never ends. The Beatles would never restruct again since John Lennon was shot in front of his house.

    The Beatles had been disbanded for 30 years long.

    Though there were no new songs coming up, the publisher of the album collection still kept hitting the market. These albums also had good record. One of the most surprising thing was that in 1995, the publisher of Anthology series, fans were already waited outside the Record store before it hitted the market. Later, this album also successfully became the champion album, breaking the record of the span between the first champion album and the latest champion album --- 32 years.


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    Supported not only by old fans, but also young listeners.

    The music critics still viewed The Beatles as the classic, though the songs were produced 30 years from now.

    I believe that the music The Beatles bring us in the future will also like those classic music was handed down forever and ever.

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    This fashionable orchestra in the world of The Beatles, four main members are as follows: Leading singer and rhythm guitarist - John is blue, you (John Lennon) , leading singer and hand then of shellfish- Wheat card Buddhist nun of Paul (Paul Mccartney) ,Two people these best creation partnership, wrap the first four most song main guitarist - George and Harrison (George Harrison) they write ,Have a suitable talent, and the drummer - brother Lin and Shi Da (Ringo Starr) too ,He with relatively calm and steady individual character, becomes the stable element of orchestra virtually.

    Wrap the first four chorus (The Beatles) Established an army in 1957, went back to Britain to attack U.S.A. again red from Germany in 1963, each of their single song, special edition was sold like hot cakes, became widely known world-class personages, wrap the first four and announced and did not hold the concert again in 1966, because the song fan's fanaticism has already reached the stage of the danger out of control.

    Shut, must divide for a long time, sentence this spend on, wrap the first four no exception. In 1970, because the difference between art, economic and personal idea, led to the fact that it is constant to wrap the conflict between the head, wrap, four dismiss formally while being the first, member each solo flight continue personal performance, wrap the first 4 rumor recombinated spread constantly too later, John was blue you were shot to death in front of one's own door until 1980, enabled and wrapped the first four and can not recombinate forever.

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