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Once an ass found a lion's skin on the road. He was very glad to get the skin. At once he put it on. He said to himself, “now can go anywhere in the forest. I am the king of beasts. Well, I will frighten the timid animals.” He was very proud of the skin, and went into the forest. Soon he met hares. When they saw his face, they were all frightened and ran away. Then he met a goat. She was frightened, too, and went away. At last he met a fox. He tried to frighten the fox and cried out in a loud voice. But the wise fox said to him, “oh, you are not a real lion. You are an ass. You are braying, and not roaring. If you keep silent, you will frighten me. But I know you by your voice.” Soon after that the owner of the skin caught the ass, and killed him.

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    Well, the fox knew the truth because the ass cried outina loud voice.

    My first thought is:「Slience is golden.」Haha...

    If you don't know anthing of something, the best one is to keep quiet.

    Do not put your shortage in front of others automatically.

    But, the most important is that you have to recognise yourself. It would be pathetic if you have to pretend someone else to live. There is a best seller in the bookstore, it called 「自慢」(Self Slow). It tells us that you have to find out your best think that you can do in your life, and according to this point, to extend it to make successful life!I think this is the most important thing!Thank you for your listening.

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