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請牛大大好心人事幫我翻譯 內容有點多

幫忙翻譯ㄧ下~~英文報告 急!!

It is dangerous to draw too many conclusions from the Iowa caucuses — a telegenic display of activism by a tiny slice of Americans.

Still some powerful political currents were on display in Iowa, starting with a yearning for change and inspirational leadership among Democrats. Senator Barack Obama positively soaked it up, growing steadily more confident and powerful in his oratory. Senator Hillary Clinton’s events were more like required-attendance lectures than rallying points for a political movement.

Republicans, too, talked about change, but mostly it was changing their association with President Bush. His name was hardly mentioned in Iowa, except by a dozen or so Republicans at a caucus we attended who explained why they had turned out for Mr. Obama.

The big question is whether these political currents remain charged as the campaign moves through New Hampshire, and into more populous and complex states.

In Iowa, Mr. Obama erased the gender gap, doing better than Mrs. Clinton among men and women, and replaced it with something we’ll call the post-baby boomer effect. On caucus night, there was a very strong showing by men and women under 45, not just the expected 18-to-25-year-olds. Half supported Mr. Obama, a huge show of force in a multiple-candidate race.

Half of the Democrats said they picked a candidate based on his or her ability to change things, and they were overwhelmingly Obama people. Yes, there were those who talked about experience or the ability to win, and they preferred Mrs. Clinton, but those Iowans made up only about a quarter of the caucuses.

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    它是危險得出許多個結論從衣阿華預備會議- 行動主義適於拍攝電視的顯示由美國人一個微小的切片。仍然一些強有力的政治潮流是在顯示在衣阿華, 從對變動的思慕和激動人心的領導開始在民主人士之中。Barack Obama 參議員正面地吸收它, 平穩地生長更加確信和強有力在他的講說術。希拉里・克林頓參議員的事件是更多像要求出勤演講比召集的點為一個政治運動。共和黨人, 同樣, 談論了變動, 但主要它改變他們的協會與布希總統。他的名字幾乎不被提及了在衣阿華, 除了由十二共和黨人在預備會議我們餘出席了誰解釋了為什麼他們結果為Obama 先生。大問題是是否這些政治潮流依然是充電因為競選行動通過新罕布希爾, 並且入更加人口眾多和更加複雜的狀態。在衣阿華, Obama 先生更好比克林頓夫人刪掉了性別空白, 做在人和婦女之中, 並且用某事替換它我們將叫崗位嬰孩boomer 作用。在預備會議夜, 有一個非常強的陳列由人和婦女在45, 不僅期望的18 對25 歲的之下。一半支持了Obama, 力量一個巨大的展示先生在多候選人種族。民主人士的一半認為他們選了候選人根據他們的能力改變事, 並且他們壓倒多數是Obama 人。是, 有那些談論經驗或能力贏取, 並且他們更喜歡克林頓夫人, 但那些Iowans 被彌補唯一預備會議四分之一

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