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Mike Huckabee, a former Baptist minister and Arkansas governor, also presents himself as an agent of change, although his ideas sure sound familiar after seven years of Mr. Bush. He claimed his win in Iowa as proof that Republicans, too, want change. The polls showed Republicans picked him because he seemed safe. A vast majority identified themselves as evangelical Christians, and they supported Mr. Huckabee because they wanted someone who shared their values.

Even the skilled and affable Mr. Huckabee may have a hard time selling himself as “just like us” in primaries where Republicans do not share his values quite as closely as in Iowa. If the currents Mr. Obama is exploiting are as powerful as they seem, Mr. Huckabee may find himself out of touch with large swathes of America should he win the nomination.

Mrs. Clinton is running as the toughest, most electable and most ready to serve Democrat. Those arguments fell flat in Iowa. Appearing on Thursday night with former President Bill Clinton behind one shoulder and former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright behind the other felt like déjà vu — not what Iowa’s voters were looking for.

Mr. Obama has made a huge promise — that he will change America, pretty much entirely. For those who have yet to register a choice — including this page and 99 percent of Democratic primary voters — Mr. Obama has to show that he has the specific ideas and the personal ability to make good on that promise. Mrs. Clinton needs to show that she can be inspiring, not just safe, and has new ideas.

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    麥克Huckabee 、一位前新教牧師和阿肯色州長, 並且提出自己作為變動代理, 雖然他的想法肯定的酣然的知交在七年布希先生以後。他要求他的勝利在衣阿華作為共和黨人, 同樣, 想要變動的證明。民意測驗顯示共和黨人選了他因為他似乎安全。大多數自認作為福音派基督徒, 並且他們支持了Huckabee 先生因為他們想要某人分享他們的價值。

    熟練和和藹可親的先生Huckabee 也許有困難時期賣和"像我們" 在共和黨人相當一樣嚴密不分享他的價值像在衣阿華的首要。如果Obama 先生利用的潮流是一樣強有力的像他們似乎, Huckabee


    克林頓夫人是連續作為最堅韌, 最有候選資格和準備好服務民主黨。那些論據平展下跌在衣阿華。出現在星期四夜與前總統比爾・克林頓在一肩膀之後和前國務卿馬德琳・奧爾布賴特在其他之後感覺像d3ej2a vu - 不是什麼衣阿華的選民尋找。

    Obama 先生許下了巨大的諾言-, 他幾乎整個地將變革美國, 。為那些有登記選擇- 包括這頁和民主黨主要選民的百分之99 - Obama 先生必須表示, 他需要具體想法和個人能力成功在那個諾言。克林頓夫人需要表示, 她能_發, 不僅安全, 和有新想法。

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