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Excluding Bateman et al59. also resulted in a significant and greater

homogeneous small size in favour of aerobic training on walking


Fore studies measured walking endurance.Two of the studies used the Six-Minute Walk Test as an indicator of walking endurance,and one

study measured the walking distance in 5 min.

All three studies reported an increase in walking distance in the

experimental group by 19.7% to 109.4%,when compared with the

baseline values.Statistical significance was reached in two of the

studies.In Katz-Leurer et al,subjects were asked to cover as much

distance as they couid until volitional fatigue.

The baseline walking endurance was zero for both groups of subjects

as nono of the subject could walk independently.Meta-znalysis found a significant homogeneous small size in favour of aerobic training on walking endurance.

The mode of training varies in different studies,including cycle

ergometer,treadmill or functional activities such as brisk stepping.

Exercising on a cycle ergometer does not require as much postural

control when compared to treadmill walking and thus may be a better alternative for those individusals with poor balance.

A water-based programme was implemented by Chu et al.Water may

serve as an excellent exercise medium because it offers resistance and the buoyancy of water reduces joint impact loading and provides

partial weight support.





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    除了Bateman 和al59. 並且導致重大和更加了不起的同類的小大小傾向於有氧訓練在走的速度。

    在前部的研究研究的被測量的走的endurance.Two 使用了六分鐘步行測試作為走的耐力顯示, 並且一項研究測量了步行距離在5 分鐘之內。

    所有三項研究報告了在步行距離的增量在實驗性小組由19.7% 到109.4%, 與基礎線values.Statistical 意義比較被到達了在二studies.In 中Katz-Leurer 等, 主題請求包括同樣多距離像他們couid 直到volitional 疲勞。

    基礎線走的耐力是零為兩個小組主題因為主題的nono 能走independently.Meta-znalysis 發現了重大同類的小大小傾向於有氧訓練在走的耐力。

    訓練方式變化用不同的研究, 包括週期爾格計、踏車或功能活動譬如輕快跨步。行使在週期爾格計不要求一樣姿勢控制當與踏車比較走和不能因而是一個更好的選擇為那些individusals 以粗劣的平衡。

    一個水基的節目由儲實施了和al.Water 也許擔當一個優秀鍛煉媒介因為它提供抵抗並且水浮力減少聯合衝擊裝貨和提供部份重量支持。