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The price of international energy soars gradually, it leading to the positive development of renewable energy in various countries. The wind-power is the fastest to set up with the capacity of the renewable energy that Taiwan develops. This study will probe into advanced countries such as Germany, U.S.A., Spain, etc., the key tactics of success and experience that popularizes wind-power successful. Besides, look over the problem faced in wind-power development, to examine the questions that Taiwan promotes wind-power to face. Finally, the feasible suggestion is proposed, let Taiwan wind-power industry dig rapidly and can develop continuously forever.



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    Each country's price of international energy rises gradually, is fast, and it is the fastest that energy that all positive development reproduces and energy that the development of Taiwan reproduces increase the speed by the capacity of the wind power generation device, and the text searches for nations such as Germany, the United States, and Spain, makes the strategy and the experience of the success in wind power generation known, and promotes the problem that wind power generation is faced to Taiwan. The proposal for you may develop, and to execute the problem that it prints, an essential strategy to succeed in wind power generation in each country is analyzed, our country is checked in addition, and wind power generation is faced is put out, and the industry of the wind power generation of Taiwan is continued, and it soars promptly and development can be continued through all eternity.