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[I like the story because故事曲折離奇 ,卻又使人鼻酸]

[他是個孤獨又渴望被愛的人]<=希望用這個寫法(the man who......)




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  • Elisa
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    1 0 年前

    Love is self sacrifice instead of possession.


    Love is self sacrifice but possession.

    ** Sometimes 成全 means sacrifice.

    I like the story because it is full of twists and turns but at the same time inconsolable.

    He is a lonely man who hungers to be loved.

    參考資料: Myself. Went abroad at age 11. With over 32 years of experience speaking and writing English. A project manager in the US since 1992.
  • 呆子
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    1 0 年前

    1. Love is forgiving,not possess.

    2. I like the story because it is beyond my imagination and touching.

    3. the man who is lonely desires to be loved.*****

    2008-05-25 21:08:59 補充:

    forgiving,not possess.請修正為---forgiving,not possessing.*****

  • Iris
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    1 0 年前


    Love is to set them free, instead of occupy them.

    [I like the story because故事曲折離奇 ,卻又使人鼻酸]

    I like the story because although this story is intricate and odd, but it makes readers to feel sad on it as well.

    [他是個孤獨又渴望被愛的人]&lt;=希望用這個寫法(the man who......)

    He is the man who is always lonely but he also wants to be loved.

    參考資料: me & dictionary
  • 1 0 年前

    Love is helping accomplish, not occupation.

    I love this story because the writer make it anfractuosities and quirkiness, however, it also makes readers feel disconsolateness as same time.

    The man thirsts for others affection that lives in isolation place.