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我最喜歡的運動.....中翻英 急需!!




你還沒加入騎單車的行列嗎? 趕快加入吧!騎單車是非常好的運動,我想你會喜歡的!!

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    Cycling is the best sport activity I like. I like cycling, it brings me health, relax and sometimes I meet friends through cycling.

    Cycling is a health, evironmental friendly and economic sport. Nowadays, it has been a very popular activity. We can see a lot of people cycling around during weekends.

    Cyling is also a very convenient sport, where it can be stop wherever you want to stop, and continue when you feel you want to do so, eventhough climb up to the mountain or beachside.

    It does not consume any petrol nor release carbon monoxide that cause air pollution, furthermore it is very convenient to be kept and bring along to anywhere. The Euporpp countries and The US society are actually encouraging the usage of bycicle couple years ago, and our government is also encouraging it.

    I discovered a lot of nice sceneries and beautiful things through cycling around.It's really an good activity that I can't value it with money.

    Are you still not into cycling? Join us fast! Cycling is a very good sport activity and I sure you will like it!

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    Rides movement which the bicycle is I most likes, I like riding the

    bicycle, it may take to me the health, cause me to relax, some times

    also may know other people.

    Rides the bicycle is the movement which a health, the environmental

    protection economizes, has been in recent years luxuriant is the

    unrest, whenever the holiday, Chang seete pile of people ride the

    bicycle to go to travel go for a walk in the countryside at the

    qingming festival. Rides the bicycle also is an item very along with

    the natural movement, wants to stop stops, which wants to go goes

    which, develops mountain and sea resources omnipotently. It already

    does not need the consumption fuel, not to be able to discharge the

    waste gas, the info clerk is convenient, may along with carry, the

    European and American various countries carries out the bicycle

    movement already line many years, our government also is starting

    vigorously to promote.

    The affiliation by rides the bicycle, lets me be able to discover the

    dissimilar beautiful scene, knew all kinds of scenery, all sorts of

    advantage which hides behind this, does not have the price!

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