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麻煩各位英文高手 幫我翻譯一下,請不要用翻譯軟體喔



 The “here and now" quality is crucial for children to develop a sense of security and trust. Since art appeals to sensory perceptions and instincts, art therapy can be used to treat all age groups for ailments ranging from pain relief to the linguistic re-habilitation of stroke patients. For this reason, art therapy is also considered a psychosomatic therapy.

 Despite the great demand for art therapists, the profession finds itself at odds with the medical and national health insurance systems. The location of the EATC in a hospital is a special case; usually such centers are based in schools. Like licensed clinical psychologists in Taiwan, art therapists are required to work under the supervision of psychiatrists. However, the two professions that regulations have made subordinate are really quite different-art therapy uses qualitative analysis to measure its results, while psychology employs the quantitative kind. Additionally, art therapy is not covered by national health insurance, so the EATC relies on donations from charity groups in order to treat children whose families cannot afford its services.


縮寫可以不用翻成中文喔 但如果知道的話更好~! 謝謝~! ex:EATC

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