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溫哥華有名的景點Stanley Park..請不要用線上翻譯

Stanley Park

Attractions abound in this massive downtown park, a veritable rainforest within a metropolis. To name just a few of the activities and attractions: the Children's Farmyard, Miniature Railway, tennis courts, beaches, children's water park, heated ocean side swimming pool, the Theatre Under the Stars, the Vancouver Aquarium and the 10.5-km perimeter Seawall, which is packed with joggers, walkers and rollerbladers. Once a military reserve, the park became one of the city's premier attractions by action of the city's first council.

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Stanley Park is recognized around the globe as one of the great parks of the world! Vancouver's first park and one of the city's main tourist attractions, Stanley Park is an evergreen oasis of 400 hectares (1,000 acres) close to the downtown core. Its natural west coast atmosphere offering a back drop of majestic cedar, hemlock and fir trees embraces visitors and transports them to an environment rich in tranquility. The park abounds in wildlife and its features appeal to the naturalist, the plant lover or one who would do nothing more than relax in beautiful surroundings.


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    吸引大量存在於這個巨大的市中心區公園, 在一個大都市裡面的一個真實的雨林。 命名僅僅少數活動和吸引:孩子的農家庭院、縮圖鐵路、網球場、海灘、孩子的水公園, 熱的大海偏袒游泳池,在星、溫哥華水族館和 10.5 公里周長防波堤,被裝滿慢跑者、徒步者和 rollerbladers 下面的劇場。 一旦軍隊預訂,公園變成了城市的第一個議會的行動的城市的第一吸引之一。

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    史坦利公園在作為世界的很棒公園之一地球周圍被辨認出! 溫哥華的第一個公園和城市的主要遊覽聖地之一,史坦利公園是對市中心的核心一個 400 公頃 (1,000畝英畝) 結束的常綠綠洲。 它的自然西海岸氣氛提供後面下降宏偉西洋杉,毒胡蘿蔔和樅樹樹擁抱訪客而且運送他們到富含寧靜的環境。 公園大量存在於對自然主義者的野生生物和它的特徵訴願,將會什麼也不做的喜愛植物的人或人更多的超過在美麗的環境方面放鬆。