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<急>中翻英 心得分享


這篇心得星期一就要交了,真的很趕 拜託各位大大囉


Louis braille試圖為盲人找到新捷徑以開啟盲人的新世界,可是並未獲得他人的認同。直到他死後,他擁有的夢想並沒有消失,反而讓更多盲人受惠,因著他的發明,讓盲人不僅與世人接軌,也讓原本寂寥的世界有了七彩的顏色。

雖然Louis braille眼睛看不到,卻可以看到事情的光明面,希望我也能跟他一樣,而我也相信我能做到。

海倫凱勒是二十世紀偉大的教育家,她曾說過:「Blindness cuts us off from things, but deafness cuts us off from people.」,雖然她不能聽,不能看,但他的心卻沒有與人們隔絕。她盡力爭取在世界各地興建盲人學校,並常去醫院探望病人,與他們分享她的經歷,給予他們生存意志。她同時亦為貧民及黑人爭取權益,以及提倡世界和平。她以堅強的意志和卓越的貢獻感動了全世界。

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    Louis braille for the blind trying to find a new shortcut to open the new world of the blind, but others did not receive the recognition. Until after his death, he has a dream and has not disappeared, but so that more blind people to benefit, because of his invention, so that the blind people of the world and not only convergence but also the original Jiliao the world with 288 colors.

    Although Louis braille eyes can not see, but what we can see the bright side, I also hope that能跟Like him, and I believe I can do.

    Helen Keller is a great educator in the 20th century, she said: &quot;Blindness cuts us off from things, but deafness cuts us off from people.&quot;, Although she could not hear, can not see, but his heart is not with the people Isolation. She around the world to strive for the construction of schools for the blind, and frequented the hospital to visit patients, and they share her experience and give them the will to survive. She also fight for the rights of the poor and black, and the promotion of world peace. Her strong will and outstanding contribution to moving the whole world.