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G'day & Cheers 英式英文的用法??

G'day (good day)

想問問是不是僅用在白天打招呼用?? 晚上我似乎真的沒聽過...

Cheers (informal word) 我很常聽到是用在感謝對方(Thank you)...

但我好像聽過有人用 cheers 後感謝對方後...對方也回 cheers


還是第二個 cheers 意謂 good bye?





也常會回我 no worry (or no worries)


2 個已更新項目:'re right.

All senetences are heard in AU.

But how do you know?

I guess above of sentences are also used in UK?

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By the way...

I also found cheers means "goodbye"

UK INFORMAL used to mean 'goodbye':

"Bye." "Cheers, see you next week."

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    im guessing ur from somewhere in australia

    yup g'day is just a way of saying hi, hello, how are you etc

    not commonly used at night though..

    "cheers" means thank you, aussies use "ta" sometimes

    i dont think it would have meaning of "goodbye" in any context, that customer probably was just saying thanks in return as well

    "no worries" = you're welcome, that's ok, you're alright.. etc

    used after someone said thankyou to you or sorry, or even when someone asks you a favour

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    ok.. not sure about that..but yeah i wouldnt use cheers to bid someone gdbye

    check up on for slangs

    its a really cool website

    參考資料: aus
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    cheers means thanks in UK

    cheerio means see you in UK

    cheerio also means a sort of breakfast in

    western countries, such as in UK or US.

    ta means thanks as well.

    John means Toilet in US.

    Loo means Toilet in UK.

    That's all.

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    "ta" 有 謝謝 的意思