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To tell the main (the most general) idea of the reading,finish this sentence:

There are ___________________and disadvantages to the various

ways ______________________ .



*The club atmosphere is exciting,especially on weekends.

*You can dance,talk to people,or just listen to music.

*Husbands and wives may learn to love each other.

*You meet a different potential date every six minutes.

*You list the names of the people you met that you want to see again.

*Spouses may meet for the first time on their wedding day.

*You can go online at home,at work or school, in caf'es ,and in other places.

*If you're not a fast thinker or talker,there's not enough time to get to

know people.

*You can use your power notebook and video cell phone.

*You can meet people with common interests.

*Some very religious(orthodox) young people may marry this way today.

*You don't know what is unreal or dangerous about people you meet on the Web.

*People may drink, and shout instead of talk, and become aggressive.

*There are many attractive, active people there to meet.

*If you're not really interested in exercise, there might be a problem.



*"Do you mean that the bride and groom weren't in love? That sounds awful! Weren't they worried?"

"Maybe __________________a little bit, " Usha said.

"But they've had a successful marriage fo 30 years."



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    There are (advantages ) and disadvantages to the various

    ways (of communications).

    Maybe (worry) a little bit, ; Usha said.

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