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浴足按摩 50元/ 60分鐘

針對腳底穴位施加壓力 ,刺激各部位反射區,使血液循環順暢,能在療程結束後,能舒緩腿部因長途步行的酸痛。

中式按摩 50元/ 60分鐘


泰式按摩 88元/ 60分鐘


全身推油 88元/ 60分鐘


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    Bathing the foot massages 50 dollars/60 minutes

    Aim at feet bottom acupuncture points to bring pressure, stimulate eac

    h part glint area, make blood circulation smoothly, can can smooth a leg department after treating distance be over because the long distance is on foot and aching.

    I am Chinese to massage 50 dollars/60 minutes

    Do to press to crumple a processing most directly according to the position of the human body veins and arteries acupuncture points and the trend of the muscle, Jin vein, ability's relieving whole body in short time is aching and tired.

    I am Thai to massage 88 dollars/60 minutes

    The ancient method of Thailand is comfortable to press, it combines the action of the yoga and the acupuncture points Jing of the Chinese medical skill with, greatly act of pull a body everywhere blood vessels, it to can be comfortable solution joint of ache with stiff. Reach loose result

    The whole body pushes oil 88 dollars/60 minutes

    The herbaceous essence oil will permeate a skin layer, then nourish to activate skin cell, the technical experts to make use of again bodily strength to push to take veins and arteries, can reach loose Chi muscle, comfortable solution strain, release the miraculous result of mind and body pressure.

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    Yuzu massage 50 yuan / 60 minutes

    Point pressure against the soles of the feet and stimulate each part of reflection, so that blood circulation smoothly, in the course of treatment after his leg to ease the pain for long-distance walking.

    Chinese massage 50 yuan / 60 minutes

    According to the human body Meridian Xuedao position and muscle, Jinmai the direction of doing the most direct Anrou processing, in the short span of time, lifting body ache and fatigue.

    Thai massage 88 yuan / 60 minutes

    Thailand by the healing Shuya, a combination of yoga moves with the Chinese medicine Xuedao fine with, the top body movements throughout Latin America channels, it can ease joint pain and stiffness. To the effect of relaxation

    Systemic pushed oil 88 yuan / 60 minutes

    Herbal extracts oil infiltration of the cortex, in turn nourishes the skin cell activation, technicians re-use of physical force massage Meridian, will be able to achieve muscle relaxation, ease tension, the release of the magical effects of physical and psychological pressure.

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