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Online sale

Beacuse salary growth year compared to year decreased ,many people through online sale got perquisite.Do you think to have a personal online sale,you can become boss that sale like commodities.

Let's I tell you about how can finish to online sale?

First,you have to go Online sale homepage apply ID,ex:Yahoo.Ruten.Rodoo,...etc.

Second,you type data in Onlin sale item:About me, commodities introduction, 得標 letter.

Third,you can use camera to take pictures upload to Online sale homepage.

When consumers ask a question at Online sale page,you have to 詳細回答,並且回答時要很客氣

Besides,you can make GIF picture , it is attract mone and more consumers view your Online sale page.

Asked amply and aplenty about commodities introduction 與網頁設計要漂亮


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    Online sale

    This year salary is not raised when jobs are not easy to find. Many people sell their own things to get extra money on internet. If you like to be a boss to sell your own commodities, let me tell you how to sell things on the internet.

    First, you have to go a website for selling online and apply for your ID, ex: Yahoo, Ruten, Rodoo, ...etc.

    Next, you key in the information of your items, owner’s introduction, description of your commodities and amount for purchasing.

    Third, you use a camera to take pictures of your items and then upload to the homepage of selling.

    When consumers ask a question at the online selling page, you have to answer them politely about details of your products (things).

    Besides these, you can make GIF pictures; they attract more and more consumers to visit your online selling page if you have your own website for selling.

    Also, I would suggest you to make your items look nice and your website attractive

    finally, you just sit and wait patiently for your buyers to reach you. Selling on the internet will become better and better if you win some reputation there.

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