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英文翻譯 有點難度喔 關於運動傷害的

1、Chondromalacia of the pisiform. Damage to the joint between the pisiform and the triquetral is relatively common and may produce symptoms of persistent pain and tenderness.

In servere cases treatment by excision of the pisiform is justified.

2、a) Marked torsion of the tibiae. The plane of the foot is grossly rotated compared with the plane of the knee.

b) Such patients find great difficulty in running,since the normal mechanism of pronation and supination during the stance phase isdistorted.

The condition is essentially untreatable,and patients should be directed towards towards more suitable physical activity-for example fishing!

3、Blisters such as these on hands and feet can,in the acute phase,cause considerable disability. They are readily treated by applying elastic adhesive strapping with the sticky surface directly over the blistered area.No other form of dressing is required.

This form of treatment is remarkably comfortable,and because of the exudation form the blistered site the adhesive surface of the strapping does not stick to the blistered areas.

It does,however,stick to the surrounding tissues,providing protection. A simple and most effective remedy.

4、Fracture of one of the tarsal bones,particularly the navicular,or,as in this case,subluxation of the midtarsal joint.

This injury can occur when the foot is forcibly plantar flexed,as in a bad landing in gymnastics or in a cycling or motorcycling accident.


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    1、Chondromalacia豌豆狀。 對聯接的損傷在豌豆狀和triquetral之間是比較普遍的,并且也許導致堅持痛苦和柔軟的症狀。


    2脛骨的、a)明顯扭力。 腳的飛機非常地被轉動比較膝蓋的飛機。

    b) 這樣患者在跑發現巨大的困難,因為內旋和旋後正常機制在姿態階段期間isdistorted。


    3個、水泡例如這些在手和腳可能,在深刻階段,導致可觀的傷殘。 他們通過應用有彈性膠粘劑欣然對待束縛與稠粘的表面直接地在起水泡的區域。沒有需要選礦的其他形式。


    它,然而,堅持周圍的組織,提供防護。 一個簡單和多數有效的補救。



    參考資料: 有些字不知道噢~sorry!
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    chondromalacia 軟骨軟化,pisiform豆狀骨,triquetral三角骨,.,,,


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    1.pisiform 的Chondromalacia 。對聯接的損傷在pisiform 和triquetral 之間是相對地共同, 也許導致堅持痛苦和柔軟症狀。

    在servere 案件治療由pisiform 的切除被辯解。

    2.脛骨的明顯扭力。腳的飛機總被轉動比較膝蓋的飛機。b) 這樣患者發現巨大困難在跑, 因為內旋和旋後正常機制在姿態階段期間isdistorted 。

    3.Blisters 譬如這些在手和腳可能, 在深刻階段, 導致可觀的傷殘。他們由應用欣然對待有彈性膠黏劑束縛與稠黏的表面直接其它選礦的形式必需的起水泡的area.No 。

    這個治療的形式是卓越地舒適的, 並且由於滲出形式束縛黏著性表面不黏附對起水泡的區域的起水泡的站點。它, 然而, 黏附對周圍的組織, 提供保護。一個簡單和多數有效的補救。


    參考資料: yahoo英漢字典
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