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英文翻譯 (歡迎英文程度好的來幫忙翻譯一下)


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往我這邊撞了過來,我根本來不及閃躲,一切都發生的太快了,等我回過神時,我的額頭上已經被撞受傷流血了,而這時他們趁亂逃走,真是惡劣! 後來,有位好心的阿姨拿了很多衛生紙給我止血,我趕緊跑回家去,回家後,我爸媽帶我去醫院,逢了五針。只是他們到現在還一直不相信是腳踏車撞的,因為很少人會被腳踏車撞到受傷吧!

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    When I was a third grade student. One day after class I was happily walking out of the cramming school with classmates. My classmates playing with me in front of the door. They were pulling and draging my bag. Later when I was happy after I wrenched my bag from them and swinging around going home, a high-speed bicycle carrying a guy ridden by a junior or senior high school student kissing me. This accident happened to me so soon that I could not dodge it. I guessed such a huge impact resulted from acceleration of gravity. My brow was bleeding, and these two guys had run away when I was alive to the accident. Such an awful behavior! Later, a nice lady help me stop bleeding with many tissues. Then I ran back home in a hurry, and my parents took me to a hospital. I had five stitches on my brow. My parents did not believe that I was hitted by a bicycle because seldom people injured by bicycles.

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  • Primary third grade at the school after the end of the course, I am very happy from the lessons cram schools to walk out the door, and the students have to walk out the door, and students at the gate Wannao, students and I pulled me of each other School bags, and later, I grabbed my bags is not easy, I am also pleased that the students抢win, and I now turn to the past to take the road home, the twinkling of an eye, a high-speed traffic travelling from the bicycle, - State high school students riding in the back also contains a person, I think it was the acceleration of gravity, therefore, the impact will be so much!

    I had to hit over here, I simply could not Shanduo, everything happened too fast, and so I Huiguo Shen, I have the impact of injuries on his forehead bleeding, and then they managed to escape, really bad! Later , A kind of aunt I got a lot of toilet paper to stop bleeding, I hasten to go home, go home, my parents took me to go to the hospital on a five-pin. But they also have to now do not believe that a bicycle is hit, because very few people will be hit by a bicycle injured!

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