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    Look outside 往外看

    It's already light and the stars ran away with the night 已經天亮而星星也隨著夜晚跑走了

    Things we're said, words that we'll try forget, 我們說的事,我們將試圖忘卻的話

    it's so hard to admit I know we've made mistakes 要承認我知道我們犯了錯是如此地困難

    I see through all the tears but that's what got us here 我看穿所有的眼淚,但也是它帶領我們至此


    If love is an ocean wide 如果愛像海洋般廣闊

    We'll swim in the tears we cry 我們將在自己的淚水中游泳

    They'll see us through to the other side 他們會幫助我們到達彼岸

    We're gonna make it 我們可以做到的

    When love is a raging sea 當愛成了怒海

    You can hold on to me 你可以依賴我

    We'll find a way tonight 今晚我們會找出方法

    Love is an ocean wide 愛就像是寬廣的海洋

    I'll stay right here 我會就留這裡

    It's where I'll always belong 這是我將一直屬於的地方

    Tied with your arms 與你的手臂繫在一起

    Days like this, I wish the sun wouldn't set 像這樣的日子,我希望太陽不要落下

    I don't want to forget 我不想忘記

    What made us feel this way 是什麼讓我們感覺如此

    You see through all my fears 你看穿我所有的眼淚

    And that's what got us here 而是它帶領我們至此


    Love is an ocean wide enough to forget 愛是寬廣到足以忘卻一切的海洋

    Even when we think we can't 即使我們認為我們無法

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    噢還有,歌名應該是Ocean Wide!

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    Love Is An Ocean Wide

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