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我的夢想家園(Ideal home)





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    My ideal home

    My ieal home is a spacious villa. It is not exagerating to call it a castle, but its design is much more modernized.

    After entering the imposing gate, you can see a fountain and a garden,which is suffused with varied colorful flowers. The house is like a baroque building,havinga big lifted French window on the ground floor and on the second and third floors are many colored glasses on the windows. In the room are two living rooms, four bathrooms , three studies,and a piano studio, with a white grant piano in it. The house would also have a dressing room with hundreds of clothes and shoes in it,and a wooden cat hut with a jumping board and a suspending bed. There should be two game rooms. One of them has a vedio game machine,wii,and a computer. The other has dolls, a plastic slider, a plastic swing. The bathroom should be seperated into two parts,the wet and the dry,with a cutting-edge design. In addition to these ,there should be ten rooms in the house,including bedrooms,guest rooms,children rooms, and Japenese-style rooms.

    In the back yard,there is a tennis court and a half- transparent swimming pool,which can be seen through the first floor's fortified glass. People can watch others swimming in the pool. Tt is very unique,isn't it?

    In short,my ideal house must be spacious,bright,creative , well-designed,peaceful and serene. Isn't it fantastic?