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Undoubtedly, the Yankee high command considers Start 2 of the Great Joba Experiment a success from the standpoint of progress and overall results. But so far as providing us convincing evidence that Joba Chamberlain indeed has the goods to be that "No. 1 starter for the next 10 years" Hank Steinbrenner has all but guaranteed, well, there's clearly a little more babying to do with the big guy.

So he went out on a walk, eight pitches after hitting the gun at 97 - an incomplete finale to what had been a fairly impressive outing in which Chamberlain threw his bread-and-butter mid-to-upper 90s fastball for strikes, mixed in some curveballs and sliders (one of them that went for a two-run go-ahead home run by Jose Guillen) and even unveiled his No. 4 pitch, the changeup, on three occasions. This is the arsenal that has stamped him a bona fide No. 1, but as far as finding out whether he has a No. 1's ability to pitch out of jams, we're just not going to know about that for at least two more starts.

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    1. 洋基高層認為張伯倫轉任先發的第二場比賽很成功。

    2. 但他是否真有高人一等的能力帶領球隊走出困境...

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