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Rotating the piston and rod generates a relative velocity

between the rod and seals and between the piston seal:; and

the cylinder wall. Once the velocity is sufficiently high,

and the rotation is maintained, the switch from static

friction to dynamic friction will no longer occur, as the

actuator only operates in the dynamic regime. When the

piston moves axially, the Stribeck region of the friction -

velocity curve is avoided and the resulting axial friction vs.

axid (piston) velocity curve is linear. However, without a

sufficient rotating velocity the axial friction vs axial

velocity relation will remain nonlinear.

The hydraulic actuator model was modified to include

rotating the piston, resulting in a 6 x 6 state space model.

Rotation of the piston was modeled with a permanent

magnet brushless DC motor. The block diagram for the

system is shown in Figure 5.

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    轉動活塞和標尺引起相對速度在標尺和封印之間和在活塞封印之間:; 並且圓筒牆壁。一旦速度是充足地高的, 並且自轉被維護, 開關從靜態摩擦對動態摩擦不再將發生, 如同作動器只經營在動態政權。當活塞軸向地行動, 摩擦的Stribeck 地區- 速度曲線被避免並且收效的軸向摩擦對axid (活塞) 速度曲線線性。但是, 沒有充足的轉動的速度軸向摩擦對軸向速度聯繫將依然是非線性。水力作動器模型被修改包括轉動活塞, 造成6 x 6 狀態空間模型。活塞的自轉被塑造了與一個永久磁鐵無刷子的DC 馬達。結構圖為系統被顯示在表5 。

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