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中翻英,關於toxic woste。








1.除去廢水中的有機物(BOD、COD),並使其不可沉降之膠體顆粒(nonsettleable colloidal solids)凝聚並沉澱,以獲澄清的放流水。






生物處理法的種類依微生物對氧氣的需求,可分為好氧性處理法(aerobic process)和厭氧氣性處理法(anaerobic process)兩大類。每一類又可依微生物生長方式,分為懸浮生長式(suspended growth process)或附著生長式(attached-growth process) 。此兩種微生物生長方式乃應用於生物處理系統,其實是由河川自淨作用(self-purificatio)的某一部分現象轉移而來。







是"toxic waste",感謝「低智商的天才」糾正。

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    The cleanliness of today Kaoshiung Love River has happen after it has gone through a series water quality improvement project

    The restoration of Kaoshiung Love River is the first ever river restoration project in the country. This restoration project plan was completed in 1977 and it roots cause method of preventing waste water flowing into the river.

    After the finalization of project plan, work started from 1979 and ended in end of 1986. In 7 years to completed Zhi-Ping Bridge ( Chong-Hua Road ) lower river till sea entrance and river bank, with total of 11 waste water stoppage stations. Stopping waste water from flowing into Love River and divert these waste water into the central waste treatment plant located at Jin-Qi for treatment. The waste water after treatment will be release into Kaoshiung ocean through a 3 km long ocean release pipe. After the completion of this project, there is a obvious changes in water quality in the river section starting from Zhi-Ping Bridge all the way to the sea entrance

    After which, Kaoshiung government under this foundation, continues to promote a whole city underground waste water project. User pipe connection construction is also under way and implementation of rain and waste water diversion system.

    In addition there is another method─「Biological Treatment Method」。

    「Biological Treatment Method」is using micro organism decomposes to disintegrate the complex organic compound within the waste water and the objective and method to treat waste water using biological treatment method are as follows:

    2008-06-10 16:29:20 補充:

    1. Removed the organic compound (BOD、COD) within the waste water, causing it not to form non-settable colloidal solids and further converting it to clean releasable water.

    2. Removed small quantity toxic substances.

    3. Removed nitrogen, phosphorus etc nutrition salts

    2008-06-10 16:29:45 補充:

    4. As far as possible reduce the production of sludge quantity.

    5. Allowing water and sludge can be effective use as other resources.

    Biological treatment method can be divided into 2 big groups; aerobic and anaerobic process depending on the oxygen required by the micro organism.

    2008-06-10 16:30:07 補充:

    Every group can be further divided to suspended growth and attached-growth depending on the micro organism growth method.

    Both these 2 micro organism growth method are used in biological treatment system, in actual fact this method is taken from part of the self-purification phenomenon in the river.

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    "toxic waste"

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  • 翻譯:

    Gaoxiong likes the river improvement and the water quality improvement mainly penetrates a succession of project, can have today neatness.


    Gaoxiong loves the river the improvement is opens the national metropolis river improvement the first example.This plan in1977The year completes the improvement plan, uses the plan is the direct obstruction sewage inflow likes the river taking stopgap measures the method.After improvement plan plan verdict, from1979The year begins construction to1986Year's end, during seven years complete the middle reaches to govern the level bridge(Chinese road)Following section of river to estuary river bank altogether11Place the sewage dams the current the station, the interruption inflow loves the river the sewage, and leads these sewage to sets up carries on in the flag Tianjin's central area sewage treatment plant the sewage treatment, after the processing sewage again by3Kilometer long sea release tube emissions to Gaoxiong open sea.After this project finishes, governs below the level bridge the section of river to the estuary section of river water quality distinct improvement, in groups fish reappears immediately.But after from now on, Gaoxiong Municipal government under this foundation, one after another will impel the whole city the sewage sewer project and the user control construction, the implementation rain sewage separate system.

    2008-06-10 15:32:28 補充:

    Moreover, but also has a method - “the biological treatment law”.

    2008-06-10 15:32:46 補充:

    “The biological treatment law” is decomposes in the waste water using microorganism's metabolism the complex organic compound to process the waste water the method, but processes the waste water using the biological treatment law the goal function to be as follows:

    2008-06-10 15:33:05 補充:

    1. except the waste water in organic matter (BOD, COD), and causes it not to be possible colloid of pellet the subsidence (nonsettleable colloidal solids) condenses and precipitates, attains clear puts the running water.

    2008-06-10 15:34:40 補充:

    2. except micro virulent material.

    3. nutrition salts and so on nitrogen, phosphorus.

    4. as far as possible reduces the sludge quantity which produces.

    5. causes the water and the sludge can make the effective resources use.

    2008-06-10 15:35:38 補充:

    The biological treatment method type according to the microorganism to the oxygen demand, may divide into the aerobic processing law(aerobic process)With tires of the oxygen processing law(anaerobic process)

    2008-06-10 15:36:57 補充:

    Two big kinds.Each kind may depend on the microorganism growth way, divides into the aerosol growth type(suspended growth process)Or adheres to stick cohere the growth type(attached-growth process) 。

    2008-06-10 15:38:08 補充:

    請接在句號後面 This two microorganism growth way is applies in the biological treatment system, actually is from only affects by the river(self-purificatio)Some part of phenomenon shift comes.

    2008-06-10 15:38:52 補充:

    Two那段切在)後面 沒辦法一次用太多 抱歉

    2008-06-10 15:39:20 補充:

    切 改成 接 改錯字

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