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about math's question

"Compare the events in your life form one day to the next.

What patterns do you see?"

I don't understand this question.

If anyone knows the answer please tell me.

Thanks a lot.

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    i think it is talking about the things that are usually happen in your daily life..

    something like that .. i think

    for example, compare yesterday and today

    the question said compare know patterns? like there is a certain rule or something

    im not sure if im right though

    lets say your patterns in daily life are getting out of bed at.......

    then eat breakfast at.....ready for work.....

    you woke up at 8 30 am yesterday

    then ate breakfast at......

    and today you woke up at 8 30 am still

    see the pettern?

    so tomorrow you should wake up at 8:30 am ??

    man...= = ...i think im making it worse....

    reading the question again...

    compare the EVENTS in your Life....

    is it talking about something like....birthdays? like special occasion?

    but then it says one day to the next.... ?_?

    what is the topic by the way?



    not sure what is the exact answer....


    so sorry ...i dont think im really helping you..

    but i hope i gave you some kind of idea ?


    good luck ^^

    ( i was going to po this in the 意見 ,because i thought this is not the answer, but then it says i wrote too much...= = , so i couldnt po it all in one go therefore i po it here....)

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    no problem,

    glad that i helped!


    參考資料: 住在澳洲.....XD
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