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公司物品需作英文標示~請問專業英文高手下列物品之英文~~電動坐式堆高機.棧板式料架.移動式料架.中型料架.冷凍庫原料鋼瓶固定架.原料H型固定架.毒氣偵測器.二氧化碳自動滅火設備. Scrubber設備.不銹鋼存放櫃.光阻網型手推車(運送光阻). wafer手推車(運送wafer)

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    電動坐式堆高機 – Electric powered Counterbalance Forklift Truck

    棧板式料架. – Pallet rack

    移動式料架. – Movable rack, shelf

    中型料架. – Medium size rack

    冷凍庫原料鋼瓶固定架. Freezer raw material steel cylinder bracket fixing

    原料H型固定架. – Raw material H bracket fixing

    毒氣偵測器. – Toxic gas detector

    二氧化碳自動滅火設備. - Carbon dioxide automatic fire extinguishing equipment

    Scrubber設備. Scrubber equipment

    不銹鋼存放櫃. Stainless steel storage cabinet

    光阻網型手推車(運送光阻). – Photo-resistor handcart/trolley

    wafer手推車(運送wafer) – Wafer handcart/trolley

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    Company articles need to function as English to label the company to ask the professional English past master English of the following articles ~~The electronic sitting type piles the high machine. Material shelf of modes in Chinese operatic music of the inn. Portable material shelf. Medium-sized material shelf. Raw materials steel bottle mounting bracket of the frozen storehouse. Raw materials Model H mounting bracket. The poison gas detects the examining device. Carbon dioxide put out the fire apparatus automatically. Scrubber apparatus. Preserve the cupboard with stainless steel. Only hinder the network type handcart (transport and only hinder) . Wafer handcart (transport wafer)

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