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1.________ the snow on top of Taiwan's highest mountains is really

an unusual experience .

A) Walking around B) To walk by C) Walking through

D)To walk over

2.The family would prepare a banquet _______ friends an family.

A) to B) by C) from D) for

3.The Yami society is one _______ women play the most important

role .

A) to which B) in them C) for which D) in which

4.There is large demand _______ these flowers.

A) as B) of C) wuth D) for

5. The festival season will keep you ______.

A) entertain B) entertained C) entertaining D) to entertain

6.Fot the past year, I _____ my hands with shampoo.

A) had washed B) have been washing C) am washing

D) will have washed

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    (D)3.society是一個組織,所以在組織中要選(D)in which子句說明女人在其中的角色

    (D)4.demand for+物品=需求某物

    (B)5.entertained+人= 娛樂別人; 人 +is entertained(pp)=人因...而快樂


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