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From Taiwan to Hollywood

Ang Lee is now one of the most famous movie directors in the world. He was named the best director of the year for Brokeback Mountain

at the Academy Awards ceremony in 2006.

Lee was born in Taiwan in 1954. After several years of study at the National Taiwan College of Arts , Lee went to the United States to

continue his education. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Illinois and a Master's degree in film production

from New York University.

After completing his studies , Lee settled down in New York to make films. Along the way , he got married and had two children. He

spent a number of years writing screenplays and served as an assistant director on several films . In 1993 he directed The Wedding Banquet

, which became very popular around the world . The film deals in a humorous way with the problems of a homosexual Taiwanese man who

pretends to get married in order to please his traditional parents.

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