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    Shoe business (鞋業生意)

    A:Long time no see!How is business?

    B, C: Fine.

    B:By the way,what happen to the confirm sample which we discuss last time in China?Did the customer in the US agree on the correction part?

    A:For that part our customer still like to do some other corrections on the fitting sample.The material is ok but the fitting is still too tight on the front toe.

    C:I see,actually last time I was going to suggest that part also,for the first time I saw the fitting on the model,I knew this part will be complain.

    B:Really?You should told us that time then we won`t wasting time here.

    A:Well it`s ok, anyway the customer still wants to correct others parts.I am experience,this customer usually corrects less then three times in one construction sample.

    C:You kidding me?Then one sample will take us about one or two weeks!

    B:C is right,also factory will be very fidgety of this.

    A:I tries to talk to the customer before, and they mention of it is because factory`s technique is not good enough so needs more corrections.

    C:But customer keeps rushing us samples everyday!What can we do then?

    B:I suggest we start to find new factories now.The old factories done their best but still can not reach the goal.

    A:I guess this is the way to solve the situation.Where should we start then?

    C:Tomorrow is Sunday,most factories are off work.

    B:Then will visit on Monday starting the morning.Should we go together or separate?

    A:I was thinking separate,but for the first time we need to do this together so can all know the same status of each factory.

    C:A is right. First three of us together,after our business steps as steady then we can separater as different department.

    B:Ok,so what do we need to prepare then?

    A:Of course note book,and carry some sample to show the factories and discuss if they can do or not.

    2008-06-20 18:22:27 補充:

    C:Also some suppliers and material information which we used as most before, they have good quality and price.

    B:Ok, I`ll go preapre these supplier information as soon as possible,also the swatch cards samples of the materials.

    2008-06-20 18:25:02 補充:

    A:Good,I will preapre our latest shoe samples .

    C:Hope this way works for the three of us.

    參考資料: 自己的英文會話句法經驗, 同上, 同上
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