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Here, for all knowledgeable readers,

I have a question,

Are there terms for some driving skills?

Such as

to use one word to describe go around a corner,


to use a phrase to talk about changing the position of a car's tail-part to another.

The more, the better, please!


Thank you so much, nnnnn!

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    This is a more popular one due to some movies came out in the past few year. It just means a car is not parallel to its moving direction but still under control.

    台: 甩尾

    港: 飄移


    A skill used on gas and break pedals. It is putting your toe (or front part of your foot) on the gas pedal for constant power input to the engine without dropping the RPM, at the same time, using your heel (or the back part of your foot) to tap on the break pedal to release some traction for the car to slide.

    中: 我不知道這中文是否有什麼專有名詞,不過基本上就是腳尖和腳跟在油門跟煞車上的技巧.用腳尖含著油門拉住轉速,避免換檔時失去扭力,接著用腳跟輕點煞車適度鎖住輪胎而達到滑行的效果.

    double clutch:

    If this term is used in transmission system, it usually means there are two set of clutch built in the transmission to serve the purpose, also known as dual clutch system or twin clutch system all depends on the place used. For example, S-Tronic from Audi, DCT from VW, or Twin Clutch SST from Mitsubishi. However, the term came from the technique which when shift down the driver rave the engine to a higher RPM then engage the gear to reduce the wear-off of the clutch.

    中: 用在說明變速箱構造時,是在描述其有兩組離合器.同時這類系統也可被稱為dual clutch或是twin clutch系統.如Audi的S-Tronic,福斯的DCT,或是三菱的Twin Clutch SST.然而這詞原本應是源於一開手排車時使用的技巧.當駕駛者在降檔時,於空檔期間補油門,將轉速拉高,再入低檔,此舉將適度減低對變速箱裡的離合器之磨耗.

    That is all I can think of for now. I will add more if anything pops up in my mind.


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