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safety of U.S. food imports









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    We are turning now to our broken food safety system,

    starting new information on the Federal government's failure to

    protect this country from Tainted Food imports.

    Congress is invesgating dozens of companys and private labs that may

    have intentionally imported Tainted Food into this country

    Carrie Lee reports tonight that while Federal government is not

    assuring that the safety is not an issue on the food supply

    There's been over 300 Food recalls in the United States in 16 months,

    From pet foods to sea food,vegetable and dairy products, but shockingly,

    it's often up to private laboratories hired by the food importers to

    determine when Tainted Food is safe, the FDA has no authority over

    these labs and now congress wants to know to what extent the lab

    do not help the FDA when food maybe contaminated, XXX gruop said, food samples could fell in suspection repeatedly, or the manufactory can switch labs to potentially get a better result, and we may never know about it.

    It's a problem because company should not be able to shop around until

    they get the result they want, that's not good for consumers , it doesn't

    protect them, and it's really the company taking advantages over the


    The FDA acknowledged to Rudolf tonight that A potentially Loop Hole exist, A house energy and comer sub committee wants to close it,by requiring all private labs to be certified and all lab result summited to the FDA

    Committee chairman XXX says : the fact that the FDA tolerates this imminent threat to the public health is outrageous. We will probably never know how many people have suffered illness or worse because some importers have chosen to profit from selling tainted food.

    This month he sent letters to ten private labs, asking them to identify

    importer's Tainted food, the letter urge private labs to discard violative

    test result at the direction of the importer.

    2008-06-21 15:34:28 補充:

    The committee is also asking 49 of the biggest company in the country to

    handle their recalling safety history.

    None of accusing wrong-doing, but these company do made the best majorty

    on our grocery store shelfs.

    2008-06-21 15:34:49 補充:

    Now The FDA says it wants a more proactive not reactive approachs to

    food safety to make sure that food is safe.

    Well before it gets to US ports, and katty as you know, it's trying to

    set up branches and inspection in foreign countries, but of course for that

    system to work,

    2008-06-21 15:35:00 補充:

    those country have to cooperate, and as you reported extensively

    they are not exactly doing that,

    It is a tough tough tough thing, and not being solved very easily at all,

    thank you very much Carrie Lee

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