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Daisy 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前

歌詞翻譯成英文-蕭亞軒 - 最熟悉的陌生人(20點)

還記得嗎 窗外那被月光染亮的海洋

你還記得嗎 是愛讓彼此把夜點亮

為何後來我們 用沉默取代依賴

曾經朗朗星空 漸漸陰霾 嗯~

心碎離開 轉身回到最初荒涼裡等待


為了寂寞 是否找個人填心中空白


我們變成了世上 最熟悉的 陌生人


今後各自曲折~ 各自悲哀~

只怪我們愛得那麼洶湧 愛得 那麼深


於是夢醒了擱淺了沉默了揮手了 卻回不了神


如果當初在交會時能忍住了 激動 的靈魂


也許今夜我不會讓自己在思念裡 沉淪

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  • 1 0 年前

    Do you still remember?

    Outside the window, the sea tinged brightly by moon

    Do you still remember?

    It's love to lighten our nights

    Why later silence displaced trust between us

    Once clear starring night, now getting hazed

    Left you with broken heart

    Turned back to the initial desolation and wait

    For no more loneliness, shall I find a man to fill the blank

    We've become the most familiar strangers in the world

    Experience the entangled and sorrowful separately

    It's blamed our love was too strong and deep

    Couldn't back to reality while awaken, stranded, silent, and seperated

    If we had resisted ardent souls when we met each other

    I wouldn't be enmeshed in missing you tonight

    參考資料: Claudia自己的大腦翻譯出來的,保證絕沒有用翻譯軟體!
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  • 1 0 年前

    You still remember that the window was bright moonlight into the ocean

    You also remember that it is love each other so that lit the night

    Later why we rely on the use of silence to replace

    Lang Lang has gradually haze ah-Star

    Heartbreaking to leave, turned back to wait for the first desolate

    In order to find the lonely hearts of individuals filling gaps

    We became the worlds most familiar of strangers

    The future of their respective twists and turns their sorrow ~ ~

    Zhiguai we love so turbulent love so deep

    So Mengxing the grounding of a wave of silence was unable to return to God

    If we had time to rendezvous in the excitement of the soul Renzhu

    Maybe tonight I will not let his yearning to sink in


    參考資料: 網頁翻譯
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