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我最喜歡的一部電影是P.S. I Love You

想來想去呢還是以P.S. I Love You做題材 這是一部溫馨感人的愛情文藝片 其實這幾年看的電影還算滿多的但都沒有一部是我感到特別感人的 可能我看的電影剛好都不是這種類型 這部電影是我之前看300壯士裡的男主角是飾演杰瑞 的傑哈德巴特勒Gerard Butler 之後又看了一部不是很賣座的電影叫 報應 裡面的女主角就是希拉蕊史旺Hilary Swank 雖然男主角很帥 女主角不美 但是兩個人搭在一起還真相配 劇情一開始就已經達到哭點最高了 其實我哭點算很高 因為我看 威爾史密斯 演的 我是傳奇 裡面一隻狗死我都可以哭的很難過了 基本上我一定會大大推薦大家現在百事達…的已經推出DVD了 我個人是在電影院看的但是大概3.4個禮拜前我和朋友又在壹次的租回來看了 果然哭點好高的我又被感動到用了好多衛生紙…


劇情的重點,人生無常世事難預料。真的不可否認劇情的氣氛操作的好,悲傷時候那種氣氛及心境是能直接深入我們的心裡並且引起共鳴是真的融入,不過也不致於過度悲傷的,接著的是適時的幽默,能立即沖淡悲傷的情緒,能獲得證明整部片就是一直大哭..然後大笑。 P.S 沒看過的朋友快點租來看唷!


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    希望可以幫助到你!! :))

    I most like a movie is P.S. I Love You thinks it over or makes theme

    this after P.S. I Love You is the movie which warm touching love

    literary film actually these years looked also calculates Man To but

    all not to have is I felt the specially touching possibility I looked

    the movie just all is not this kind of type this movie is in front of

    me looked the leading lady which in 300 brave soldiers the actors were

    played outstanding Swiss outstanding 哈德 Boteler Gerard Butler also

    looked at which was not very attracts a lot of customers the movie are

    called inside the retribution is 希拉 pistil history prosperous

    Hilary Swank although the actor very graceful leading lady was not

    beautiful But two people built in same place also really match the

    plot as soon as to start on already to achieve cried highest actually

    I to cry the spot to calculate very high because I looked 威爾 Smith

    developed I was inside the legend a dog die I all to be allowed to cry

    to feel bad basically I certainly to be able very much greatly to

    recommend everybody present hundred matters to reach... Already

    promoted DVD me was looks at but before the probably 3.4 weeks in the

    movie theater I and the friend rents in one looks has really cried

    good high I to be moved has used many toilet paper... After the movie

    begins 10 minutes on directly cuts into the subject, believed

    certainly lets many audiences be caught off guard, but this also is

    the plot key point, the life variable humans affair is difficult to

    expect. Really 不可否認 plot atmosphere operation good, sad time

    that atmosphere and the mood are can directly penetrate in our heart

    and to cause alarm is really melts into, but does not send to

    excessively sadly, in addition is at the right moment humor, can

    dilute the sad mood immediately, can obtain proved the entire piece is

    continuously cries. Then laughs. P.S has not looked the friend a bit

    faster rents looks oh! This is a movie which I must share today

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