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急急急~給我一篇Ang Lee的英文閱讀測驗

急急急~給我一篇Ang Leeㄉ英文閱讀測驗題目+答暗.......................快 今天要

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    Experts say that creativity by definition means going against the tradition and breaking the rules. To be creative, you must dare __(1)__, and courageously express your own outlook and __(2)__ what makes you unique.

    But does our society encourage children to break the rules? I’m afraid the answer is no. The famous film director Ang Lee recalls his father’s disappointment with him when he was young. __(3)__ a small child, he would pick up a broom and pretend to be playing guitar for the entertainment of family guests. Then, when he was studying film in college, he would exhaust himself just for a performance tour. His father, __(4)__ always hoped that he would get a PhD and become a professor, __(5)__ with a scoff: “What is all this nonsense?!” But it later turned out that it was exactly his courage to “rebel” and to express his own ideas that marks his films with distinct creativity.

    [翻譯]專家認為創造力的定義是反傳統及打破規則。要有創意,你必須有膽量去16. 反抗、勇於表達自己的看法,並以個人特點17.為傲。


    [題目與詳解]1. (A) rebel (B) to rebel (C) rebelling (D) be rebelled

    dare可當助動詞亦可當一般動詞,當助動詞時用法為dare + V,多用在疑問和否定句,而當一般動詞時為dare + to V。此句為must dare…,dare前面已有助動詞must,可見dare在此當一般動詞而非助動詞,所以must dare + to rebel。

    2. (A) take pride in (B) fall short of (C) get out of (D) keep up with

    take pride in 以…為榮 fall short of 不足;未達到

    get out of 逃避;去除 keep up with 跟上

    3. (A) Since (B) For (C) To (D) As

    since + 時間 自從… for 為了… to 對…而言 as = being 身為…

    4. (A) who (B) while (C) that (D) when

    此關係子句的先行詞為His father,因缺少主詞,因此選擇修飾人主格的關係代名詞who,引導補述(非限定)用法的關係子句,修飾His father。

    5. (A) relieved (B) relaxed (C) relied (D) reacted

    relieve vt. 減輕 relax vi. 放鬆 rely vt. 依賴 react vi. 反應

    李安父親說“What is all this nonsense?!”,是他對李安從事電影業的反應。


    1.What does the article talk about and the main idea?

    (A)Ang Lee's life(B)Woderful future

    (C)Try your best and chase your own life

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    [單字]1. by definition 定義上 2. go against 違反 3. dare vt. 膽敢做

    4. rebel vi. 反抗 5. courageously adv. 勇敢地 6. outlook n. 看法

    7. unique adj. 獨特的 8. recall vt. 回想 9. disappointment n. 失望

    2008-06-25 21:49:39 補充:

    7. unique adj. 獨特的 8. recall vt. 回想 9. disappointment n. 失望

    10. pretend vt. 假裝 10. entertainment n. 娛樂 11. a performance tour 巡迴演出12. scoff n. 嘲笑 13. nonsense n.荒唐的事 14. turn out 證明是;結果是15. distinct adj. 有區別的

    參考資料: ME中高級通過+題庫[單字]1. by definition 定義上 2. go against 違反 3. dare vt. 膽敢做, ME, ME
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