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如何告知host family將要續住?

因為我的host family費用只有繳了兩個月,










再次感謝。 ^^

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    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Because I have some unfinished personal business, I need to stay longer than my original plan till 00/00/2008. Is that OK? Will it cause any inconvenience for your next guest?

    If the schedule works for you, would you please let me know how much I shall pay for the extended period, and the payment plan. Thank you.




    YOU: Hi, sorry to trouble you, because I did not finish my personal business here yet, I may need to stay longer than I planned before.

    HOST family: oh, how much longer you plan to stay?

    YOU: may be till 00/00/2008, is this OK with you? Of course I will pay.

    可以(1)HOST: No problem, I have plenty of rooms.

    YOU: Thank you, then , how much do I owe you?

    HOST: Let me check my records….. about $x, xxx.

    YOU: Oh, OK, how do I pay you? Is there a payment plan?

    不行(2)HOST: Oh, no…I am sorry, I wish you may stay, but the next guest is arriving by that time.

    YOU: oh, then I am in trouble, I do not know many people here, and do not know anywhere else I may stay? Can you help me to find a place, or work on your schedule if possible?

    若要翻譯, 請告知喔.

    2008-06-29 10:53:32 補充:

    改: I need to stay longer than my original plan till

    為: I need to stay longer than I planned before, till 日期

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    I prefer to stay with the same host family for the next 4 months, what is the payment plan? How and when should I pay?

    2008-07-01 15:54:32 補充:


    Where may I storage (貯藏, 不用的東西, 如皮箱) my stuff?

    Where may I set up (擺放出來, 如盥洗用品) my stuff?

    May I put my stuff here? 可以把東西放這嗎?

    2008-07-02 18:50:27 補充:

    May I leave my stuff here?可以把東西放這嗎(Leave---不是丟下不要喔)

    參考資料: US 20 yrs
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    because I will stay here over two months, how do I pay the rest of rent ?*****

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    just say : I would like to stay here longer and How would you like me to pay you

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