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mood vs. emotion 之區別?

mood vs. emotion 之區別?


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    以下為劍橋英英字典的解釋 (我平日查字典都用英英字典,因為才能看得出英文原意,中文翻譯會有很多雷同的譯法)


    noun [C] 可數名詞

    The way you feel at a particular time: 某時刻當時的心情感受

    例句:(1) She's in a good/bad mood.

    (2) Her mood seemed to change during the course of the conversation.

    (3) The drink had put him in an amiable mood.

    (4) The public mood changed dramatically after the bombing.

    (5) The mood of the crowd suddenly turned (= The crowd suddenly became) aggressive.


    noun [C or U] 可數或不可數名詞

    a strong feeling such as love or anger, or strong feelings in general: 強烈的情感表達,如愛或生氣

    例句:(1)Like a lot of men, he finds it hard to express his emotions.

    (2) My mother was overcome with emotion and burst into tears.


    參考資料: Claudia的查閱
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    emotion 情緒:受到特定刺激所引發,可能是人、事、物,較為強烈。例如:因為塞車而無法趕上演唱會。

    mood 心情:並非由特定事物所引發

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    mood 指心情

    I am not in the mood to go abroad. 我沒有心情出國.

    emotion 指情感

    He can't control his emotion. 他無法克制情感.