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    Xx technical institute student parliament is by xx technical institute

    student class and grade, the mass organization cadre legally election

    is congressman organizes it,For xx student autonomous highest public opinion organization, also is the highest legislature. 2,007 establishes the first session of student parliament. The student

    congressman's tenure in office is a year, including elects to be

    continue as. This session is to 2,008 officially connects with for the second

    session, altogether has congressman 12 people, male has seven people,

    the female has five people. Originally can set at speaker, vice-

    speaker each, after is sworn in by all congressman, mutually chooses

    it by the secret ballot distinction, incumbent speaker is xxx, vice-

    speaker is xxx.

    The democratic politics is public opinion politics, also is

    parliamentary politics. My school establishes the first session of

    student parliament from 2007, selects congressman at present is 12.

    The full council colleagues, to establish the student autonomous

    spirit vigorously, the time take study the democratic system, maintain

    the campus to be harmonious and to strengthen the service schoolmate

    to try hard as the goal.

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    Student's parliament in the xx institute of technology is by the xx institute of technology student's class, association staff elects a department by law the councilman organize it, for xx the highest public sentiment organization of student's autonomy is also the highest lawmaking organization.


    In 2007 establish the first batch student's parliament.Student's councilman's tenure is a year and connect to choose serve another term.Current is for the second in 2008 formally hand over to connect, totally have 12 councilmans, among them male have 7 people, the female has 5 people.


    Originally will place council chairperson and vice-chairman is an one for each, by the all councilman choose with each other respectively with the election by secret ballot after taking an oath an inauguration it, incumbent council chairperson is xxx, vice-chairman is xxx.The democracy is public sentiment politics, also is the parliament is political.


    The school establishes the first batch student's parliament from 2007, select of the councilman is 12 currently.All the parliament colleague is made every effort to spirit of establishing student's autonomy, expect with learning democratic instutition, support campus harmony and strengthen service classmate for purpose and diligent.

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