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    There is always a suitable cloth for any career, any role, or any occasion. In most jobs, uniforms are always required to employees.

    Wearing uniforms is the regime of a school. In order to encourage the pupils to do something good, many schools allow students to wear everyday clothes if only they do things right. Wearing uniforms seems to be a hatred to most student's, so they always try desperately to obtain the honor of wearing everyday clothes. Even though it is an honor that everyone wants to get, I would not like to wear dishabille, because I got to think whether it is appropriate, or it looks good to wear it. But wearing uniforms can saves all these annoyance.

    I think the reason why bank clerks, cabin crews, policemen, postmen, doctors, nurses...etc, wear uniforms is because it looks tidy, and could let the public recognize their jobs. Putting on uniforms is very commonly seen indeed, but if you wear it to a ball, will everyone think you as a lunatic ? If housewives pull on uniforms doing chores, will it be very inconvenient? I think housewives should wear clothes like T-shirts and shorts, which make themselves feel comfortable. In addition, when people go to an interview, they always wear suits or shirts with skirts, in order to give the boss a good impression. If someone without clothes-conscious wears pajamas and slippers to a formal interview, maybe he, or she, will be eliminated, even before saying a word.

    As a conclusion, wearing the right clothes at the right time is very important.

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    筆誤 ﹦clothes-conscious → external conscious

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    *Each occupation is his/her own clothes to already suit perhaps each role, each situations.And mostly of occupation, all have already fought down this provision.


    *The student needs to wear uniform, a system of the school of this representative, a lot of schools will for encouraging a student to do like a thing, will say as long as do of good, can one day of casual wear day, each student seems to be was tired of to wear the day that the uniform has a class, will try very hard to of get casual wear this honor is for day,


    *But I don't like casual wear for day, because all want to think, wear like this fit?Is still wearing like this good?Troublesome of, so wear to fight down or don't use most annoyed.


    *Bank personnel and empty personnel, police, mailman, doctor, nurse...etc. get the occupations all need to wear uniform to go to work of, I am just thinking and wear uniform to go to work in addition to look clean orderliness, can also make the public convenient to recognize is what kind of occupation, serve the public by convenience.


    *Although the uniform is very universal in the life, if be dressed in uniform to participate in dancing party, will that somebody else feel whether you went crazy or not?The housewife is dressed in uniform to do family affairs, isn't that inconvenient?Housewife should T, Shorts etc. lets oneself feel very comfortable foppery.

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    *Still have, while being to want to the personal interview all of boys are that western dresses pen stand, all of girls are shirts+skirt.

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    *For putting the best foot forward, if a person of outside don't pay attention to, personal interview still be dressed in a pajama to be dressed in slippers, perhaps a words haven't spoken, owner neglected so the person of image to eliminate.

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    *So, what kind of the situation wear what kind of clothes, very important.

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